eBay: A mixture of Self Hosted and EPS pictures are not allowed


eBay does not allow product pictures to be hosted both on their EPS system and on third-party photo-hosting services (Nembol hosts AWS S3 storage).

This can happen when:

  • You are using an eBay listing template, which is completed with images hosted somewhere else.
  • After listed with Nembol, you’re adding images or pictures per variant directly on eBay. As a result, half of the images are hosted in Nembol and half of them are directly on eBay.


  • If you are using an eBay listing template, consider deleting the images from it.
  • If after listing with Nembol, you’re adding new images directly on eBay, please:
    1. Delist the product from eBay
    2. Add the new images in Nembol
    3. Relist the product back to eBay.

Please note that, currently, Nembol does not support individual pictures for variants. Adding pictures per variant on eBay may cause this error.