Updated on May 14, 2024


How to create a account

Follow these simple steps:

  • Click here to open the registration page
  • Enter the required data
  • You will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address
  • Then click on “Confirm” and enter your phone number for verification
  • After entering the OTP sent to your phone, you will have completed the registration process.

If you are the owner of a Company, you can extend and enhance your Reserved Area by purchasing a professional subscription Subito for Companies that offers you additional services to enhance and promote your business.

Please note: At this time, Nembol for is only available to Pro Plan subscribers.

How to connect to Nembol


This is how you connect to your Nembol account:

  1. Log to Nembol and open the Channels Tab
  2. Click on “Connect channels +” top left. Here you can find the list of available channels
  3. Find, and click on it
  4. Fill in the required fields
  5. Click on Connect
  6. Done! settings within Nembol Settings

The settings within the section in Nembol allow you:

  • To list on your Category of choice – this option will apply to future listings and can be changed in the future for additional product lots
  • Select the desired device in which to make your listings visible

How to import products using a CSV file?

You can use a CSV file filled with your product data, to import items into Nembol.

CSV files can be downloaded from Quickbooks, other ecommerce tools, accounting system, ERP that allows CSV product export, or can be manually created.

  • If you download it from any ecommerce tools, accounting system, or ERP systems, you need to copy and paste the data inside the Nembol CSV template, without changing the column titles/value.
  • If you need to manually create it, download the CSV template and fill the column with all the info using the Google Sheets. 

Please note: The listing of new products, or their editing on Nembol, occurs on 3 times a day. Morning, afternoon and evening.

Publish to

Now that your new channel is connected to Nembol, the process of listing products from Nembol is as simple as for any other channel connected to Nembol:

  1. Go to your Products Tab
  2. Select one, or multiple products
  3. Click on the “Publish” button
  4. Select one or more channels
  5. Click on the button “Publish“.

Note that with Nembol you can publish on massively in all categories except Motori, Immobili, and Lavoro.